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Passionfish is a creative blend of civic dialogue, commerce, conservation—all working together to safeguard the future of fish and fishing. Passionfish is a multi-media public education project that confronts the real and perceived problems and promises in fisheries. Passionfish is the single largest endeavor uniting diverse stakeholders to discuss fishery and seafood sustainability—and doing so in the company of the seafood and culinary industries whose members profoundly influence consumer demand.

"Sustainable fisheries": Few issues are more factious or more urgent. Simply put, many fish are being removed from the sea faster than they are reproducing. Not just prized species are jeopardized. Communities dependent upon fishing are also threatened. Similarly, the health of habitats is being compromised. And yet some fisheries are flourishing. As a result, industry and environmentalists are squaring off. Passionfish is stepping in to offer sensible dialogue about sensitive issues. How? Through our forums, feasts, broadcasts, and books.








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"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them."

–Albert Einstein

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