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Passionfish is a non-partisan, multi-media public education project of The Tides Center, a fiscal sponsor of non-profit organizations nationwide. Passionfish was founded in 2000.

Everything Passionfish does and stands for is about:

• Celebrating seafood from the ocean to the plate;

• Respecting nature, communities, and businesses;

• Enjoying fish and their unique roles in our lives;

• Inspiring people by rekindling their passion for and optimism about our ocean;

• Teaching children how the sea touches all lives.



People want to "do the right thing" for their own health, the health of their families, their communities, and the planet. But, unfortunately, people are trapped in a crossfire of conflicting assertions about whether seafood is healthy and whether the ocean is "sustainable." The term "sustainability" itself is poorly understood, loosely applied, means different things to different people, and/or is misused. As a result, most people feel removed from this debate although it affects an important and beloved food source. And those that are involved are often engaged in heated battles about tactics. In short, many businesses are passionate about profit, and environmentalists are passionate about conservation.

Passionfish believes that, with the right approach, these passions can be reconciled and directed into a powerful force for change.



Passionfish aims to elevate the dialogue around seafood health and sustainability above the din of rhetoric so that this pressing environmental and social problem can be addressed in an honest, civil and progressive manner.  To this end, Passionfish brings together diverse stakeholders to address two key problems: troubled marine ecosystems and collapsed communications between various individuals and entities. Passionfish fosters dialogue and shows that the sea's bounty can be sustainable as long as commerce and conservation work together.

The Passionfish goal is to reinvigorate society's respect for the sea's living resources and for those who make their living from them.









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Productive dialogue among diverse stakeholders is essential to ensure a sustainable ocean environment and economy.

Quote: Dictionary definition of passion.