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Whole Foods Market
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Oakland, CA - June 16, 2004

Passionfish is partnering with Whole Foods Market for the third summer to support sustainable seafood as part of the Fish for Our Future campaign. Each summer, Passionfish helps promote the efforts of campaign partners Whole Foods Market, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), World Wildlife Fund, and Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute who all share Passionfish's goal of long-term ecological and economical sustainability of our world's ocean. The purpose of the campaign is educating consumers about making the best environmental choices when selecting seafood.

At San Diego's Hillcrest store, Passionfish's Andrew Spurgin will be teaming up with fellow chefs Amiko Gubbins of Parallel 33, Paul McCabe of Anthony's Star of the Sea, and Kjeld Petersen of the San Diego Culinary Institute to grill wild Alaskan salmon to perfection and to answer questions about sustainability. Passionfish advisor and partner Serge Dedina, Ph.D., of WiLDCOAST International Conservation Team, as well as members of San Diego Baykeeper, will also be there to talk about fisheries and coastal conservation issues. The Wild Salmon BBQ is Saturday, June 26 at the Whole Foods Market in Hillcrest neighborhood, intersection of University Ave and 7th Ave, from noon until 3 p.m. and costs $6. Wild Alaskan salmon is certified by the MSC as environmentally sustainable. See for more information on its exciting and one-of-a-kind program.

"Community outreach like our efforts at Whole Foods are wonderful ways to introduce the public to the unknown or often misunderstood issue of seafood sustainability," says Andrew Spurgin. "We enjoy talking with people one-on-one about the issue and giving people a chance to try some fantastic wild Alaskan salmon at the same time. This issue is not all gloom and doom. At Passionfish, along with our many culinary and business partners and our partners in the Fish for the Future campaign, we celebrate the positive strides being made in fishery sustainability."

Following the June 26 BBQ, the Hillcrest Whole Foods Market will designate a 5% Day on Wednesday, June 30, to WiLDCOAST. The non-profit is locally based in San Diego and carrying out its conservation and outreach work across California and Baja California. WiLDCOAST will receive 5 percent of the day's sales. "We are pleased to partner with Whole Foods to promote ocean conservation by supporting consumption of environmentally sustainable and tasty seafood," says Serge Dedina. See for more information.

Passionfish is building great momentum among various stakeholders in favor of fisheries and seafood sustainability through its public education efforts in California and is expanding its efforts across the Pacific Northwest. Last year's Fish for Our Future campaign at Hillcrest Whole Foods Market attracted more than 350 people who enjoyed the seafood and camaraderie cooked up by Andrew Spurgin and Amiko Gubbins. All the chefs featured on June 26 have cooked at the prestigious James Beard House in New York City, and at the fantastic centennial bash that Passionfish hosted for Scripps Institution of Oceanography last September that attracted nearly 600 people. In addition to Andrew's work with Passionfish, he is the executive director of Waters Fine Catering in San Diego.

Don't miss the Saturday, June 26 BBQ, and be sure to shop 'til you drop on Wednesday, June 30 at Hillcrest Whole Foods! Look for the MSC label on your seafood purchases at Whole Foods! Both events will be at the Hillcrest Whole Foods Market, 711 University Avenue, San Diego. For more information call Whole Foods at (619) 294-2800.

About us: Passionfish is for people passionate about the ocean, fishing, and seafood! We are a nonprofit public education project actively promoting sustainable wild fisheries and aquaculture. Founded in 2000, Passionfish has developed an innovative approach for addressing seafood and fisheries sustainability: forums that reveal common ground amid contention, celebrations of seafood, broadcasts that build awareness, and a unique book series aimed at inspiring adults and children about ocean and seafood sustainability.