Passionfish Contact: Patti Parisi,
Director of Marketing & Communications
(510) 593-5188

Largest Seafood Show in the West Happens November 3-5, 2002 in Los Angeles, California

Oakland, CA - October 10, 2002

Passionfish will be participating in the International West Coast Seafood Show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center November 3-5. Visit booth #950.

Starting in 2003, Passionfish will be hosting a series of lively public education forums on the volatile issues of seafood and fishery sustainability. The Passionfish forums will be convened throughout California and across the North American West Coast, including Alaska and Hawaii. The non-profit's mission is to foster dialogue and create partnerships in support of understanding and solving fishery conservation issues.

"The West Coast Seafood Show is an ideal venue for Passionfish. We want industry’s participation in the formative process of planning our kickoff event. And we want industry decision makers to attend that event in droves. We plan to limit out on business cards at the Show," says Carl Rebstock, Executive Director. The annual West Coast Seafood Show provides a forum for the entire seafood industry to peruse new products and services, evaluate trends and new technologies, and connect with customers.

"Passionfish is unique: We're the one group that has set out, from the start, to enlist the active involvement of the seafood and fishing industries in dialogues and educational services that make money while making a difference," says Rebstock. "We will continue forging alliances with all sectors as we work together toward the common goal of sustainable fisheries."

Passionfish is the only non-partisan nonprofit integrating diverse interests to address complex fishery issues through inclusive forums and innovative collaborations. The Passionfish approach builds trust by getting people talking to one another who otherwise would not. "Polarization between, and even sometimes within, stakeholder groups impedes progress," Rebstock says. "Passionfish endeavors to defuse this with candor and humor. We are a way for responsible people and organizations to navigate through the current morass of public opinion. And at the end of the day, at the end of each forum, we host a party — a big celebration of seafood. Seafood we all agree everyone should enjoy for generations to come."

Passionfish was founded in 2000 to confront the real and perceived problems and promises in fisheries. Its inventive approach includes forums that reveal common ground amid contention, feasts that celebrate seafood, broadcasts that build awareness, and books that highlight the efforts of many people who are working hard to save the seas. The organization is accepting donations to support its campaign. Contact Passionfish at (510) 593-5188 or

The Los Angeles Convention Center is located downtown at the intersection of Pico and Figueroa. Passionfish Executives are available for interviews during the Show. Contact them at Booth #950, or call in advance to arrange interviews with Executive Director Carl Rebstock (206) 769-1436, and Director of Education & Events Andrew Ryland Spurgin (619) 459-5493. Also, come talk to the Passionfish team at The Highlands Nightclub in Hollywood, during a Sunday night, November 3 party kicking off the Show, sponsored by the California Fisheries & Seafood Institute. To attend the Show, contact To attend the party, contact Meanwhile, visit us at!