Patricia Parisi creates Fashionfish, LLC, a start-up "for guys and gals without gills"

Sonoma, CA - November 28, 2007

A new company launching this fall is donating 10% of its profits to Passionfish in support of our vibrant outreach programs. Since Passionfish is staffed entirely by volunteers, 100% of these donations are directed toward its projects. These funds will specifically support "Sea the Future: Fish for All (tm)", Passionfish's new children's education venture.

Fashionfish--"for guys and gals without gills"--a private apparel company created by Passionfish co-founder Patricia Parisi, "puts the swish in fish" with its youthful designs of marine life.

"I adore kids, I adore nature, and of course I adore Passionfish, so it's been rewarding for me to create a company combining my interests and values," says Parisi.

Fashionfish features a collection of ocean characters "in whimsical settings" says Parisi. "By making people laugh, we hope to instill a positive message about our ocean and help people connect with marine issues, just as we have done with our various programs at Passionfish."

The company currently has four designs for sale on its secure website in two styles --- a tee-shirt and a onesie --- both in 100% cotton and for babies and toddlers. In early 2008, the company will be offering several more fun ocean critters, sizes for kids, as well as an organic cotton option.

People may order the tee-shirts and onesies online at and be confident that their purchase information is secure. Fashionfish uses a 128-bit encrypted online security system, with an SSL certificate that ensures e-commerce transactions are safe. Credit cards and Pay Pal are accepted. Other features include a photo gallery where customers can upload images of their kids wearing Fashionfish apparel, quick and easy user accounts, a permanent cart so people can hold items then log in later to complete the purchase, and a robust order tracking and status system.

Passionfish's current and upcoming projects include developing a suite of educational books, both for children and adults on the subjects of seafood and ocean sustainability; engaging and entertaining seafood feasts such as Passionfish's popular "Poisson d'Avril" (April Fish Day celebration); public seminars and forums where people can hash out the problems facing our ocean and develop solutions to address them; and various web-based tools, including a blog to broaden public interest in seafood sustainability.

"This is timely because Passionfish itself is about to turn 8 years old," says Executive Director Carl Rebstock. "Passionfish, like most groups in the sustainable seafood movement, is pretty young. Together, we all still have a lot of work to do to make sure our oceans recover as well as produce food for a hungry population. We know we can do it in partnership with others in both the public and private sectors. Fashionfish is a stellar example of the marriage of commerce and conservation: a start-up with a smart-looking product line and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction interwoven with a social mission."


About Passionfish

Passionfish is a catalyst for positive change. Passionfish, a project of the Tides Center, is an innovative non-profit that promotes sustainable fisheries and aquaculture through public education and stakeholder collaboration. Founded in 2000, Passionfish helps business and the public grasp the complex issues of seafood sustainability. Its multi-media programs include exhibitions, community education "Get the Dish on Fish" dinners, Poisson d'Avril events, live public forums, and consumer and children's education. Passionfish believes that everyone shares the same need for healthy global fish populations. We endeavor to bring diverse stakeholders together to troubleshoot and overcome obstacles to ocean sustainability. Our organization promotes unique business-conservation partnerships, builds solutions through productive dialogue, and inspires conservation through a cookbook series coupled with vibrant special events. As a volunteer-run organization, 100% of proceeds raised go directly to public education programs.

Match your passion with cash--please support Passionfish.

About Fashionfish

Fashionfish is a private corporation based in Southern California. We put the swish in fish with our real-life, fun ocean critters illustrated for kiddies (and for the kiddies in us). We're passionate about the ocean and about nature in general. We are committed to educating people about our planet's inhabitants and devoting a good percentage of our sales to nonprofits working to save our environment.