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Oakland, CA - September 22, 2004

Passionfish Executive Director Carl Rebstock has been invited to speak about sustainable seafood at Profitable Sustainability: The Future of Business, a conference held September 26-29 at the Westin Hotel in Seattle, Washington.

The three-day sustainability summit is a nexus of international executives, managers, technologists, government decision makers, leading educators, and innovative entrepreneurs all devoted to softening environmental impact, improving quality of life, and honing competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Summit participants and sponsors include Starbucks, The Boeing Company, REI, Russell Investment Group, Alaska Airlines, Nike, Nordstrom, Sustainability Partners,, Collins Family Foundation, US Bank, Shorebank Pacific, Natural Capitalism, Inc., Cargill Dow, CH2M Hill, Hewlett Packard, WorldWatch Institute, and many others.

“This conference brings together a catalytic mix of top executives, inspired activists, and brilliant thinkers,” says Bill Shireman, President & CEO of The Future 500. “This is not to blame-and-shame on all that's wrong. Not to greenwash or pretend all is right. But to explore and take practical action, to align profits and sustainability. This is a place for practical idealists—people who don't shrink from inspired undertakings, but don't underestimate them either.”

“Our conferences are not just talk,” continues Shireman. “They lead to action. Past Future 500 events triggered actions that protected whole forests, recycled millions of tons of waste, and harnessed billions of dollars of corporate buying power to drive sustainable ends.”

The conference offers strategic business models and concrete practices that companies can adopt to demonstrate corporate leadership in eradicating poverty and contributing to the health and safety of our planet and its inhabitants. The conference is offered by the Network for Business Innovation & Sustainability, a partner with The Future 500.

Passionfish, since its founding in 2000, has been advancing the cause of sustainable seafood in business and conservation sectors through its balanced educational outreach and inclusive, stimulating programs. The organization injects pizzazz into an issue that's otherwise difficult to embrace.

“We unite commerce with conservation to sustain healthy businesses, healthy fishing communities, healthy oceans, and a healthy future,” says Passionfish Executive Director Carl Rebstock. “As confusion and concerns about seafood grow, the ‘winners' will be those businesses that seize the opportunity to set the standards for others to follow.”

Passionfish recognizes that all companies have a stake in ocean sustainability and can take active roles in solving the crises in our ocean's fisheries. Proactive policies and sponsorships can help companies achieve their “triple bottom line” that benefits the company, the community and the environment.

Passionfish has been working across the West Coast to catalyze multi-sector partnerships that embrace market-based approaches to address seafood sustainability. A triumph was the Passionfish “Fisheries for the Future” forum convened last fall at the international Oceans 2003 conference in San Diego.

The forum engaged stakeholders from the fishing, seafood, and restaurant industries together with educators, scientists, and conservationists. Its intent was to forge partnerships for action based on first reaching common ground. The forum was part of Passionfish's “Sustainable San Diego” campaign, a long-term project endorsed by the city's Mayor Dick Murphy. After the forum, Passionfish co-hosted the centennial birthday bash for Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) along with 11 area restaurants. Graduate students from SIO accompanied Passionfish to provide guests with even-handed educational information. Passionfish featured Marine Stewardship Council certified seafood. The MSC eco-label is awarded to seafood from sustainable and well-managed fisheries that have met rigorous environmental criteria.

“Our goal is to lace together cities along the West Coast of North America, like a string of pearls, all committed to wholesome seafood, sustainable fishing, vibrant communities, and ocean health,” says Carl. “At the NBIS/Future 500 conference, we're pursuing sponsorship for our exciting public outreach programs that help put the private sector out front on ocean conservation.”

The workshop covering sustainable seafood will be held Tuesday morning, September 28, at the Westin Hotel, Seattle.   To register for the conference, go to:

About us: Passionfish is for people passionate about the ocean, fishing, and seafood! We are a nonprofit public education project actively promoting sustainable wild fisheries and aquaculture. Founded in 2000, Passionfish has developed an innovative approach for addressing seafood and fisheries sustainability: forums that reveal common ground amid contention, celebrations of seafood, broadcasts that build awareness, and a unique book series aimed at inspiring consumers and students about ocean and seafood sustainability.

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